Love Yourself Forward

Love Yourself Forward

Everyone has something to say about 2020... Most of it is pretty negative. Personally, I have found 2020 to be my most thought provoking and introspective year yet. With endless hours of quality time with myself, I have gone deep into the often avoided territory of figuring out why I am the way I am, seeing if the way I am is something I can accept, and ultimately deciding that because of who and how I am, I have to help more people find peace. 

Obviously that's a pretty summarized version, but my point is this:

This year was beyond bizarre, it was at times down right traumatic, but for those of us that are still here today, for you reading this, we have all found a deeper meaning to life. We have connect more with ourselves. Now, not everyone is going to enjoy that. Many people can't stand who they are. But then it becomes about how strong you are, how better you can become, and finding this highest version of yourself that everyone talks about but no one explains how to find. It becomes about helping others in their journey.

I have found that at my core, I just want to love and be loved. I want to enjoy the small things like cream in my coffee or alpine glows of sunrise. I want that deep belly tingle feeling of satisfaction that comes from contentment during those fleeting moments, I want more of those moments. 

Those are the moments of life and love that propel me forward. 2021 shall be about one thing:

Loving myself forward

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