Does Your Brand Fit Your Personality?

If you had to put yourself and all of your complexity onto a poster board, what would that look like? What colors? What textures? Patterns or solid? Bright, pastel, earthy, cool, calm, chaotic? Beach or mountains? Desert or forest?  Sun or moon? It’s not easy to put your personality onto a ‘Brand Board’, even harder to commit to that board!  What if life throws a huge lesson your way and completely changes your personality?  Will you be okay with changing your board or are you forced to be that way forever?

I never planned on owning a clothing line let alone an ecommerce business.On a whim, I acquired Downward Dog Designs in 2019. Girl let me tell you, I didn’t even know what a brand board was! I have struggled with the online platform, struggled with marketing, struggled with being happy with what I was creating. What was given to me was beautiful and perfect and I wanted to keep it that way, but it was so stressful that I quit, for months I stopped trying to have a brand. Then I had a revelation: it wasn’t mine, I had to make it mine.

So here it is! My name is Sharon, I’m a yoga teacher, co-founder of the 406 Yoga Conference, physical therapist assistant, and clothing designer. I love nature, glacier water, scuba diving, everything that sparkles, and cookies. This is MY new Downward Dog Designs brand.

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